Are your Water Pure Enough?

Like most of people , you may be think your drinking water is no problem

General people have the wrong impression about the running water as follow :

  • The running water is pure, clean , health and can be safely drunk ?
  • The equipment of the running water  can eliminate all pollutants ?
  • The Government understands what particles exists in the running water ?


How is Water polluted ?


Animal’s  excreta –Acid rain-Pesticide-Chemical fertilizer – Factory waste water – Cleaner –Animal’s rotter dead bodies – Virus, microbes- Insecticides .



Deodorizer, impurities , garbage , other.


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We PRESTON’S  Brand mark of VASKPRASEN LIGHT CARE OPC PVT. LTD , is one of India’s  leading consumer durable  Manufacturing company. We hold a legacy of 11 years of relationship and trust.

The diverse products marketed by PRESTON’S  includes  Domestic water purifier , commercial water Treatment plant , package drinking water pant ,kitchen chimney, Hobs , LED Lights ,Fan.

Our Vision

A happy,healthy , safe and pollution free environment with new technologies,Ideas which making life much easier & comfortable.

Our Mission

To build sustainable relationship with customers , by satisfying with their evolving health & hygiene.

Our Values

What makes us different : we are completely customer oriented and focused . we assimilate customers needs in to our products and salutations , and we react quickly when problem arise as well as for the new opportunity . Our customers made it clear that they appreciate this quality.

We  work accordingly to an overriding strategy and plan, but also follow up on opportunities  as they arise with existence potential to make our business expand more rapidly in a responsible manner.

We have a good collective of entrepreneurial  spirit , the ability to identity and prioritize opportunities ,as well as a systematic approach to the implementation of our thoughts to make us different.

Here is now PRESTON’S  Water Treatment Management System . The only online system which gives you sparkling water free from Iron and Turbidity from all water outlets in your house. So welcome PRESTON’S  in your home and say good bye to all your water related problems.